We've moved! To The Danforth!

After thirty years of providing denture services in Toronto’s Beach neighbourhood, I have relocated my practice to The Danforth. 

Beach Denture Clinic is now located at 2120 Danforth Avenue – just east of Woodbine.

Our new location is far more accessible. You can visit us easily by TTC (we are ½ block east of the Woodbine station). And, while there is on-street parking on Danforth during non-peak hours, there is also a ‘Green P’ located directly across the street on Amroth Avenue.

Since it was going to be a brand new clinic, we took some to do some re-branding and updated our logo and colour palette. You’ll notice the changes across our website, Facebook Page and Twitter Profile.

It’s not that we weren’t delighted our previous ‘red lips’ logo, it was just time for a change – something different.

NEW Location • NEW Branding… But that’s ALL that’s new.

We literally picked up our entire office and staff and moved it north from Queen St. That means, Beach Denture Clinic patients can expect the same excellent patient care and technical expertise that we have always provided. From full and partial dentures to dental implants, I want you to be happy with your new smile! 

Our clinic is always accepting new patients, please call to book a free consultation.

And my seasoned patients? You can expect a real surprise when you come for your annual check-up. I’m looking forward to taking you on a personalized tour of my new clinic!

~Menely Lainas, DD 

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Learn more about the freedom of dental-implant supported dentures when you download a copy of  A Patient’s Guide to Dental ImplantsCreated by Menely Lainas, DD it contains easy to read explanations, diagrams and real case examples to help you understand what we can achieve for you.

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