Missing Teeth Can Negatively Affect Job Prospects

This is an abridged version of a GlobeNewsWire press release. 

A killer smile can be just as important as a killer resume or a killer LinkedIn profile.

According to MyCareerTopia.com a common nonverbal mistake made during job interviews is not smiling, ranked as the #3 blunder.

And, it's tough to smile when you're missing teeth.

Dentures aren't just for seniors...

"Dentures are not just for the elderly anymore," says Victoria A. Vickers, DDS, a Prosthodontist based in San Antonio, US. "I might see one to two young people a month who are looking to replace teeth they have lost due to dental disease. When a front tooth is missing, this becomes a big issue in getting a job. Patients lose their self-esteem and might stop looking for a job until they can get their teeth replaced."

Missing teeth can interfere with any number of areas in a person’s life, including participating in social situations.   

The Journal of Prosthodontics (in a recent article) stated that significant tooth loss (missing more than 12-17 of one's 32 natural teeth) is associated with a multitude of bad health outcomes including increased risk of overall diseases (obesity, cardiovascular disease, head and neck cancer and reduced cognitive function) that can lead to death.

Patients, particularly seniors, who don't or can’t properly clean their dentures are at a higher risk of developing pneumonia, which can lead to death.

Taking care of your oral health

Dr. David Felton, DDS, MSD, FACP also a prosthodontist stated: “…….must warn people about the risks of not taking care of their teeth and… to do everything possible to keep as many .. adult teeth for as long as possible throughout one's life and as we age as it's cheaper, healthier and possible. Don't think that pulling out healthy teeth will save you problems down the road – it's not true. Keeping your original teeth if they are healthy for as long as you can is the best thing you can do for your oral health and overall wellbeing. If you must lose teeth, get them replaced as quickly as possible and maintain your implants, crowns or dentures to keep your whole mouth healthy."

The best way to maintain all of your natural teeth is by brushing for two minutes twice a day, flossing once a day and eating a healthy diet. Visiting a dentist for regular cleanings and examinations can stop dental disease in its tracks before it becomes a more serious and expensive problem down the road.

Denture wearers should visit their denturist once a year for regular adjustments and examinations. 

Solutions for patients who do loose their teeth

If patients do loose their teeth, the wisest solution is to have them replaced right away. The most common tooth-replacement solutions are full or partial dentures. Patients looking for a permanent solution can consider implant-supported dentures, or Permanent Teeth-In-A-Day.

Prosthodontists are specialized dentists with advanced training in treating oral health issues. 

Keep in mind that denturists and dentists work hand–in-hand. I like to say that the denturist is responsible for everything above the gum line while dentists manage everything below.

Dentists don’t fabricate dentures, that's a speciality performed by denturists. In fact, most denturists have their own onsite labs often handling repairs in a matter of hours.

If you are missing teeth, give us a call for a free consultation. We are happy to work in conjunction with your dentist.

Don’t let missing teeth interfere with your goals or job prospects. 

  ~Menely Lainas, DD 

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