How To Make Dentures Last Forever

While, How To Make Dentures Last Forever might be a catchy headline, the real question is: How long are dentures expected to last?

At Beach Denture Clinic we understand that dentures are a major investment. Denturists fabricate dentures using durable materials with the intention of providing you with long years of service.

A set of dentures is designed to last somewhere between 5 and 8 years. However, a recent survey on denture wearing showed that patients are wearing a single set of dentures for 17 years or longer.

Seems surprising? Not really, since most people feel that getting dentures is a once-in-a-lifetime proposition and expect to wear their first set to the grave.  

A couple of important points on dentures: 

  • Over time dentures do wear out. Yes, they are fabricated from strong acrylic but that's not steel and after years of chewing, parts of the denture, particularly the teeth begin to wear down. The acrylic gums can also experience changes. 
  • But, a patient’s mouth also changes. As we age, our gums and jawbone naturally begin to recede which directly impacts the fit of the denture. 

Ill-fitting dentures affect a host of day-to-day functions, such as restricting speech and eating capabilities. The compounded impact of poorly fitting dentures can lead to damage to the jawbone and gums.

Patients who are scared to wear their dentures in public fearing disaster are less likely to engage with other people, lose their confidence and subsequently become isolated and lonely.

Sadly, many patients feel that they are too old for a new set of dentures.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen it all too often when an elderly patient with poorly fitted dentures struggles to eat and resorts to non-nourishing foods or give up eating altogether.

None of that is good, and it’s not necessary.

So what can you do to make sure dentures last?

  • Purchase quality dentures in the beginning. Not only will they last longer, they will fit better and ultimately patients will be more successful denture wearers.
  • Make sure your dentures are well cared for while you have them.

Follow these denture care tips:

  • Don't wear your dentures at night. Allow them to soak in a cleaning solution.
  • Never trying to repair your own dentures. There is no DIY in denture repair.
  • When handling your dentures over the sink or carrying them from place to place, use a towel to help mitigate any breakage. 
  • And visit your denturist for regular recall visits. I keep repeating this but it's true, a small problem caught early in a recall visit will prevent a larger problem later on.   

When planning your denture care, plan to re-invest in a new set of dentures within 5-8 years, well before you start experiencing problems.

Good-fitting, good looking dentures will lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. 


 ~Menely Lainas, DD 

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