DIY Denture Repairs? Never A Good Idea.

There are times when DIY (do-it-yourself) is a good idea and makes sense. It’s not just a matter of saving money but sometimes you learn a new skill – like laying a floor or building a new deck.

Sometimes after completing a DIY project it doesn’t look or feel quite like a professional job, but it’s okay – and you did it yourself.

Probably the most important skill to have when you are doing things yourself, is to know when to ask for professional help or and more importantly, when a repair should be left to the professionals.

And that’s the case with dentures. Denture repairs simply don’t fall into the do-it-yourself repair category even if you've found lots of articles on the internet telling you otherwise.

Denture repairs should always be left in the capable hands of a professional denturist.

Only denturists should tackle dentre repairs:

  • Dentures are professionally fabricated for an individual mouth. They are perfectly balanced and shaped to fit snugly. An improper repair could actually cause more damage or mouth sores.
  • Home repairs, particularly any type executed with Crazy Glue can’t be ‘undone’.
  • Denturists have all the right equipment and tools and are professionally trained. If you are planning on laying a new floor, there are books that can guide you along and places to rent tools. Not so for dentures.

Dentures breaking is rare:

  • Dentures are fabricated from very strong acrylics. And while they are pretty resilient, they still need to be handled with care.
  • Proper handling techniques are critical. Even simple tips such as lining the sink with a towel when cleaning your dentures protects them from falling in the sink or floor can make a difference.
  • Making sure you see your denturist annually makes a difference. This is the time when your denturist checks for cracks and can anticipate needed repairs. Sometimes broken dentures are a result of neglect and could have been prevented.

What to do if your dentures break:

Our office can certainly appreciate an emergency and we are happy to work with you.

As soon as the accident occurs, contact us. If the office is closed leave a message with the service.

We’ll get you an appointment as soon as we can. With our onsite lab, we will work as quickly as we can to repair the denture either while you wait or at least within the same day, so you’re not long with out your dentures.

But we need you to do your part. That means making sure you’re easily available. While we will do our best to accommodate you, we often have a full roster of patients that we can't cancel or reschedule.

While you're waiting to see us, keep your dentures moist and safe. Soaking in a water-based solution is ideal.

If it’s a matter of a missing tooth, it’s probably okay to continue using them for eating but be gentle. With a missing tooth, the dentures will work differently. Work with what feels best to you.

Our goal is give you the best denture care we can, and ensure you aren't that long without your dentures. 


~Menely Lainas, DD 

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