Question: Does Dental Implant Surgery Hurt?

After years of denture related problems, many patients opt for a superior solution – dental-implant supported dentures.  The procedure starts with dental surgery where titanium implants are screwed into your jaw, and then a denture arch of teeth is attached to the implants. 

The end result is a set of teeth that not only look natural but act and feel like a your original set of teeth. 

Denture Care: Reline, Rebase & Repair

From time to time, your dentures might require an adjustment. This is mostly because your gums and bone that support the denture change over time. Making sure you visit the denturist once a year will ensure that your dentures fit perfectly all the time, and track any bone resorption. 

When a denturist starts working with a denture, he can do one of three things – we call them the 3Rs – relining, rebasing and simple repairs.

Tips On Learning To Chew With Dentures

Novice denture wearers have a few things to tackle in the beginning. One of those challenges is learning how to eat again. Frustrating at the beginning, practice really does make perfect.

Here are a few tips to help get you through the initial stages. You'll find yourself eating in social situations soon enough. And no one will ever know that you're a denture wearer.     

What are the advantages of dental implants?

Aside from providing a higher degree of stability than dentures, implants help you look much younger and anything is worth looking younger!  

Trying to look younger aside, dental implant-supported dentures are an investment in your overall health. They reduce bone loss and improve your chewing capabilities, leading to a healthier, happier you. What could be better than that? 

All about dental implants

When your teeth fall out - along with the roots, the jaw underneath no longer feels stimulation and beings to deteriorate. Implants ‘trick’ the body into thinking there are roots (and a tooth), and so the bone remains intact, along with your jawline and facial structure.  

Dental Implants is one of the best technologies to come along in dentistry in the last 100 years. Patients with dentures are able to regain a good part of their chewing ability, however, with implants, a patient can regain 80% or more of their origianl chewing ability. And that's why we recommend, dental implant-supported dentures as a permanent solution to wearing dentures.

Visit your denturist once a year

Having good oral health is just as important when you wear dentures. 

Good oral hygiene is critical for all denture wearers. The tissue in your mouth and the muscles around your jaw changes over time and can affect the overall denture fit. If you’re experiencing a loose fit, you won’t be chewing properly and possibly avoiding certain foods. And in some case, you could make a small problem even worse. 

What's involved in an annual visit to your denturist?

Adjusting to dentures: The first 30 days

Adjusting to dentures is a journey that can have challenges even for the experienced denture wearer. The trick is practise and give yourself some time – at least 30 days for healing and adjustment. 

So, what can you expect during the first month? 

5 myths about dentures - BUSTED

Over the years, we’ve heard it all. The first myth and best of all, that everyone knows when you’re wearing dentures. Most folks don’t have a clue, because they’re not paying attention to your teeth, they’re paying attention to you! 

Here are a couple of other myths…

Do you need dentures? 3 ways to tell

While oral hygiene has been improving steadily over the last two decades, the truth is, denture wearers are more prevalent than you might think. How do you know if you need dentures? Here are three good indicators that can help you decide whether a consultation with a denturist might be a good idea.

Remove your dentures at night

Always remove your dentures overnight to give your mouth a chance to rest. In fact, whenever you aren't wearing your dentures, keep them in water to stop them from drying out or warping. Never use hot water for soaking

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