Are You Having Lower Denture Problems?

If there are denture fit problems, it usually starts with the lower denture. And when you think about the anatomy and workings of your mouth, it makes complete sense. There are things that denturists can do to assist with the transition to lower dentures. 

Fabricating Dentures Is Very Artistic

At the Beach Denture Clinic, we endeavour to craft a set of dentures that ultimately makes our patients feel comfortable and natural.  

And that, is the artistry behind denture fabrication.

Getting Adjusted To Your Dentures: Learning to Speak Again

Getting dentures can be problematic at first. Even seasoned denture wearers need extra time breaking in a new set of dentures. The good news is that the transition time is relatively short and with a little patience, persistence and perseverance you’ll be speaking proficiently with your new dentures in no time.

Denture Tips For Family Caregivers Of Senior Adults

Family caregivers of senior adults are tackling a number of different new situations that they might not have been aware of previously. And in the case of dentures, the caregiver might not wear dentures themselves and then not be aware of the problems. 
Here are a few things to watch out for. 

3 Warning Signs You May Need New Dentures

Dentures don't last forever. In fact they have a shelf life of about 7 years.  If you've been visiting your denturist annually, he'll be able to tell you when you need new denture.

If you're concerned, here are 3 warning signs that you may need new dentures. 

5+ Tips On Caring For Your Toothbrush

The lowly toothbrush. Treating it with a little care will maximize what it can do for you, and minimize bacterial problems.

5+ tips to keep your toothbrush bacteria free. 

Cheap Dentures Are Cheap For A Reason

Saving a few bucks on a set of dentures isn't worth it. 

Most people can tell when someone is wearing cheap dentures because their mouth is misaligned. And ever wonder when someone's teeth are perfectly straight, perfectly white and all the same colour? Professionally fabricated dentures look and feel natural. 

Protect Your Oral Health When You Break A Sweat

Parents have known for decades to minimize the amount of soft drinks, fruit juices or acidic foods in their child's diet. But did you know that this also includes sports drinks?

With summer around the corner, and the Pan-Am Games scheduled for July in Toronto, I thought this was an opportune time to discuss the potential hazards of sport drinks to oral health and teeth.   

5 Fears About Wearing Dentures – Laid to Rest

At Beach Denture Clinic, we’re about busting myths and laying to rest misinformation about dentures. And since they’ve been around for centuries, there are lots of myths yet to bust.  These days, denture wearers are young and old and are wearing dentures for a variety of reasons.

In my experience, these are the top 5 fears about denture wearing.

Beach Denture Clinic Staff Go Back to School

Well not exactly. Menely Lainas, DD, did attend a dental implants course hosted by the Zimmer Institute in November 2014. And that’s worthy talking about!

Lainas successfully completed ‘RevialiZe’, “Immediate Provisionalization and Restoration of the Edentulous Arch using Zimmer RevitaliZe Solutions.

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