'Long In The Tooth' And Other Famous Sayings To Do With Teeth

We use them all the time - famous sayings. As well as being famous, they usually have an interesting story behind them. We peaked into the history books ourselves and looked into the most interesting sayings to do with teeth and their meanings. 

Here we go - Long In The Tooth and other 'teeth' sayings. 

Study: Sleeping With Dentures Is Not A Good Idea

In 2014, a team of dental researchers set out to discover the relationship between wearing dentures while sleeping and pneumonia in elderly patients. They discovered that there is a relationship between bad denture habits and serious infections.

Leaving your dentures out at night and giving your dentures, teeth, gums and tongue a good cleaning will help prevent the spread of disease possibly dangerous infections. 

Protecting Our Teeth And Gums As We Age

Just like other parts of our body, as we begin to age, the wear and tear that we have put on our teeth begins to show. And whether or not you wear full or partial dentures or having dental implant-supported dentures, paying attention to your oral health is one important step in having great overall health. 

Make it your New Year's resolution to focus on your oral health for 2016. 

Denture Emergencies During The Holidays

Beach Denture Clinic is closed from Monday, December 21 to January 4, 2016.  We would like to wish all of our patients, a happy and safe holiday. 

FAQ: About Dentures Including: How Much Do Dentures Cost?

The staff at Beach Denture Clinic want to make your transition to dentures or dental-implant supported dentures as smooth as possible. That's why we are happy to answer all your questions, including how much do dentures cost. 

Let's begin with answers to the most frequently asked questions. 

A History Of Dental Implants

Ancient societies struggled long and hard to solve the problem of missing teeth.

Archeologists discovered fragments of seashells and carved stones embedded in the jaws of ancient Mayans dated 600AD. In some cases, those early implants were even found fused to the bone.

Thankfully, dental implants have progressed leaps and bounds since then.

George Washington's Dentures

George Washington did indeed wear dentures but they weren't wooden, as some people thought.

According to records, Washington suffered from incredible dental problems that would affect the way he looked and the outcome of the battle at Yorkton. 

Are Denture Wearers More Prone to Bad Breath?

If you were thinking that because your teeth are now made of acrylic all the worries of halitosis or bad breath are behind you, sorry you’re mistaken.

Bad breath is caused by bacterial growth, and artificial devices such as dentures or braces are even more susceptible to bacteria activity. 

But there are ways of preventing bad breath beginning with good denture cleaning practices and anti-bacterial mouthwashes. 

Can I Eat Candy When Wearing Dentures?

With Hallowe’en around the corner, this is our chance to chat about candy. Most dental practitioners discourage eating candy and sweets. Beyond empty calories, sugar residue is harmful to your oral cavity whether you wear full or partial dentures. 

If you don't want to avoid sweets altogether, then check out our tips on types of candy to eat, and how to protect your teeth or dentures after you've had a few pieces.   

Denture Stomatitis Isn't Harmful But Should Be Treated

Have you noticed the roof of your mouth is looking red and swollen? You won’t necessarily be experiencing any pain, but it will feel uncomfortable when wearing your upper denture. You may have developed denture stomatitis known commonly as denture sore-mouth, or for babies – thrush.

Relax – it’s not harmful but you do need to have it treated.

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