We've moved! To The Danforth!

After thirty years of providing denture services in Toronto’s Beach neighbourhood, I have relocated my practice to The Danforth.     You will find the clinic at 2120 Danforth Avenue – just east of Woodbine.   Our new location is easily accessbile by TCC, and there's lots of street parking plus a GreenP across the street. 

Local Events: Beaches International Jazz Festival

The Beaches International Jazz Festival celebrates 28th years next weekend.

The Jazz festival is one of my favourite beach events and it might have something to do with the fact that we opened Beach Denture Clinic in 1987, around the same time as the festival launched. 

Dating and Dentures

Most people are not on the look-out for denture wearers. As much as it may seem that your date is determined to detect your dentures, that’s almost certainly not the case. For one, most everyone has the first-date jitters. Everything is sort of a blur, you can’t really focus on too much at once.
Your date may notice you have an attractive smile but I doubt they have the time or even the opportunity to fully inspect the situation. 
~ Kristi Lind

Understanding Dental Implantology And Dentures

Knowing the 'ins-and-outs' of dental implant-supported dentures may help you in making a decision as to whether they are the right choice for you.

Patients who have undergone the transformation to dental implant-supported dentures or Permanent Teeth-In-A-Day – always say the same thing: Why didn’t I do this years ago?  

How To Make Dentures Last Forever

While, How To Make Dentures Last Forever might be a catchy headline, the real question is: How long are dentures expected to last?

At Beach Denture Clinic we understand that dentures are a major investment. Denturists fabricate dentures using durable materials with the intention of providing you with long years of service.

DIY Denture Repairs? Never

There are times when DIY (do-it-yourself) is a good idea and makes sense. It’s not just a matter of saving money but sometimes you learn a new skill – like laying a floor or building a new deck. 

But denture repairs simply don't fall into the do-it-yourself repair category. Even if you’ve found numerous internet articles telling you otherwise. Denture repairs should always be left in the capable hands of a professional denturist.

Missing Teeth Can Negatively Affect Job Prospects

Not having a great smile can affect the way people perceive you. Whether you are applying for a job or just entering a new social situation, a great smile not only gives you confidence in reaching out to others, but makes people think you want to talk with them. 

This press release from the American College of Prosthodontists discusses good oral health care emphasizing that maintaining your own teeth for as long as possible is better for your oral and overall health. And if you happen to be missing teeth, all dental specialists recommend having them replaced as soon as possible. 

Denturists are not only able to fabricate and repair your dentures onsite, they can take an interest in your oral health. When your denturist sees you once a year, they have a better chance of detecting any oral health issues.  

Choosing An Implant Denturist

Once it's been determined that you are a candidate for implant supported dentures, the next steps are choosing the right type of dentures and choosing the implant denturist.

I wrote an e-book entitled: A Patient's Guide to Dental Implants, which outlines the different types of implant supported dentures and how to select an implant denturist. An excerpt of the e-book follows. 

Are You A Candidate For Implant-Supported Dentures?

Are you interested in implant-supported dentures?

I can certainly understand why. They are such a wonderful solution, almost like having your own teeth. I wrote an e-book entitled: A Patient's Guide to Dental Implants, outlining how dental implant-supported dentures can change your life.  An excerpt of the e-book follows. 

Good Oral Hygiene Is Critical: Dentures or No Dentures

Having good oral hygiene is a really big deal!

Checking the oral hygiene of a patient is one of the routine inspections done during a denture recall. And it’s easy to tell between patients who perform a quick brushing of their dentures with an occasional 5 minute soak and those that have a rigorous cleaning routine (which includes an overnight soak in an antiseptic solution.)  

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